The status page for SaaS owners and support teams

Downtime doesn't have to be a support nightmare. Don't lose your mind and your customers.

You run a SaaS and your customers depend on you. Unfortunately, incidents happen but you don't want to leave your customers in the dark.
Support? What's your status page?
What's more, when there is a problem, you are responsible and you want to fix it as soon as possible. You don't want to waste your time responding to thousands of emails the same thing over and over again.
You want to avoid a flooded support queue and a stuffed inbox of "what's going on here" notes from customers and team members.
However, you don't need an incident communication tool, you need a tool to support your team in the darkest hours, and leave them to focus on finding a solution.
But, you don't want to setup and run another product. You just want to focus on your business. And running a reliable infrastructure for your status page will only distract you.

What do most people in this case?

They purchase a single server from another cloud provider and run a small site on it, so when their main service is not accessible at least that status page will be still accessible.
But it is not. This strategy fails every single time. The server crashes down as soon as all you users begins checking the page.
Customers are even angrier as they expect that at least your status page would work. As a result they leave to find a more reliable solution and you lose revenue.
We've seen this way too often.
The solution is to setup a reliable but expensive infrastructure and maintain it everyday. But who would do that just for a page that they need no more than a few times a year?

Wouldn't it be nice...?

if there was a place where you can direct your clients so that they let your team fix the problem instead of wasting its precious time.
if your customers could subscribe for alerts and then they would automatically be notified in case of an issue instead of leaving them to wonder what happened
if when all your customers visit your status page at the exact same time it still stays fast and responsive
if you don't have to maintain it or setup complex systems, and it still always available
if you could just focus on your SaaS business and your product, but it is always there for you when you need it
This is why we created StatusGuardian for you. To support you when you and your team need it the most.

When an incident happens, you can rest assure that StatusGuardian has your back and you can just focus on finding a solution.

It is a valuable support tool, the only place your customers need to visit to find the state of your SaaS, instead of sending you thousands of emails. As a result, it will save you countless man-hours.
Even when people call in or email, your support team can identify affected customers and give them a url to track. As a result, at most one support call per affected user instead of hundreds of emails back and forth.
In time, your customers will learn that your status page is the first place to check and will subscribe for notifications instead of contacting support.
StatusGuardian makes it very easy for your customers to subscribe for email and sms notifications.
What's more, no need to run and maintain additional servers and software. We use many servers in different locations around the globe to ensure an always working and fast responding system.
but that's not all, why not go one step further?
Be proactive, StatusGuardian helps you notify your customers in advance of any scenario, for example when a regular maintenance is required or when you are expecting a downtime.
Your support team will receive fewer easy support questions and more complicated problems because customers are solving the easy stuff on their own. Which is direct increase of your support team efficiency and they could help the clients who really need their help right now. Which is direct increase of your revenue.
Customers value transparency. Unexpected downtime will still be an issue for them but when you are open about it and notify them as soon as possible, they will understand and stay with you, instead of losing them and losing revenue.
In the end you get faster communication, more user trust and fewer support tickets leaving your team much more efficient.
The team behind StatusGuardian has been designing, developing and supporting high traffic sites and apps for the last 10 years.
We've seen and felt your problems and that is why we built StatusGuardian for you. However, StatusGuardian is not just a tool. We want to help you make your SaaS even more reliable.

How it works?

StatusGuardian is easy to setup. It takes just a few minutes.
  1. Sign Up
  2. Follow a few easy steps
  3. Launch your new status page

Where do I sign up?

StatusGuardian is currently in closed beta but we are going to launch shortly. Write down your name and email in the box below and you will be the first to know when it is ready.
You will also get an exclusive offer, 10% off the official price when we launch, available only to people who have subscribed.
We are also going to share, an exclusive behind the scene, how StatusGuardian works and how it is built to be so reliable, so that you can apply the same techniques to your SaaS.
100% privacy. No spam.

What if I am not running a SaaS?

We've build StatusGuardian for everyone who needs to run a reliable online system. It might not be a SaaS but as a long as you have customers or users who will worry when something happens, StatusGuardian is the status page for you.